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When Does A Home Need Crime Scene Cleanup in Atlanta Georgia?

Many companies imitate us but few can do the trauma cleaning and blood cleanup work we are known for.  As the leading biohazard cleaning company for Atlanta, we are known to be the company to call when you need a crime scene cleaned, a trauma scene, or any accident scene.  GeorgiaCleanIt is the preferred choice for consumers for licensed crime scene cleanup needed at residences in Atlanta Georgia for more than an entire decade. With our team of certified and trained crime scene cleaners, we are who the Atlanta Police, Atlanta residents Atlanta and the homeowners of Atlanta can count on whenever they need cleaning a crime scene cleaned or cleaning up after a death in a tragic manner. A blood spill after a funeral or crime scene can be considered to be hazardous and poses a number of health risks if it is not thoroughly cleaned and cleaned. GeorgiaCleanIt uses the most up-to-date technology and equipment to provide consumers with the most efficient approach to any crime scene or blood cleanup within the houses we maintain in Atlanta Georgia. If you’ve been the victim of a crime within your own home, and biohazards, such as blood have been left on your property, then you should speak with one or our crime scene cleaners. Our blood clean up services are available every day of the week, and our operations are conducted in accordance with the CDC and health department guidelines. Contact our Atlanta office today to schedule any biohazard cleaning with our licensed trauma scene cleanup technicians.  We specialize in cleaning what other companies simply won’t, can’t, or have no idea how to deal with. 

Why the Atlanta Police Don’t Do Crime Scene Clean Up

The Atlanta Police Department may be involved in the investigation related to the death scene but they draw the line there.  For a number of decades, it has been determined by officials that blood hazards at homes that were designated as crime scenes are too dangerous to be cleaned without the proper hazmat gear and training.  To do this training on staff at the law enforcement agencies in Atlanta was too cumbersome.  It has been long determined that the aftermath found at a crime scene should be cleaned by outside businesses that specialize in blood cleanup and crime scene cleanup in Georgia

Are Crime Scene Cleanup Services in Atlanta Affordable?

The reality is that every situation we come across has a number of variables.  In most cases, we have found that if there is homeowners insurance at the property and the crime scene was not the fault of the occupant, such as a homicide, it is typically covered by the insurance policy.  Some people in Atlanta contact us for other servers such as an unattended decomposed death which is a natural death or suicide cleanup, and in these cases we also find insurance will usually provide some or all the coverage necessary for the biohazard cleaning to be completed by our trauma cleanup technicians.  This however is a situation we can confirm when we file the insurance claim on your behalf and can sometimes get confirmation the moment we call the insurance company.  Geoargiacleanit believes the best practice for this is to call our Atlanta office and have one of our insurance advisors or job supervisors on staff submit the claim and provide you confirmation. 

Do Police Do Crime Scene Cleanup in Atlanta GA?

The Atlanta Police Department does not do the biohazard cleaning necessary to remove the aftermath of a crime scene.  If the crime scene investigations are still ongoing we will contact the detectives involved and find out if the crime scene tape can be removed and we can gain entry into the home.  Once they provide permission we can being the cleaning.  In most cases, the Atlanta Police will provide immediate access to these scenes because there is either no need for an ongoing investigation in the home or they have already collected the necessary evidence. 

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Biohazard Cleaning in Atlanta & Fulton County Georgia 

Hazmat scenes are becoming more frequent due to the spread of infectious diseases becoming more prevalent. GeorgiaCleanIt offers an office in a branch for Atlanta Georgia homes that have experienced the effects of a biohazard. Our biohazard cleaners have been trained and certified in the proper way to remove contaminated houses. The majority of our work is blood cleanup whether it is the result of a bloodstain blood spill or a death scene. We are able to clean all blood from a home no matter if the owner is known to be suffering from an illness such as HIV or covid-19. GeorgiaCleanIt utilizes specially designed and approved equipment that is able to decontaminate a home. Contact our biohazard cleanup company for homes in Atlanta Georgia that require blood cleanup.

Decomposed and Unattended Death Cleanup Services in Atlanta Georgia

If a homeowner passes away and their death is not found out immediately, they’re likely to leave behind blood and human fluids. If this has happened at a home belonging to a family member or you’re the landlord of the property in which it has happened and you need to hire our unattended funeral cleanup services. The aftermath of decomposing a dead body can be more painful than our crime locations. The decomposition process of a body leaves behind extreme biohazards which must be removed and decontaminated to ensure the room is disease-free. In the absence of proper biohazard clean up that room will remain dangerous as the noxious odors begin to invade neighboring rooms causing more server extended damage to your house. Call our hazmat cleaners to arrange unattended death cleanup at your residence in Atlanta Georgia.

Atlanta’s Suicide Cleanup Service for Blood Cleanup 

With the recent increase in suicides occurring in Atlanta, We have also added additional help to provide suicide scene cleanup within homes of Atlanta Georiga. Suicide may not be an actual crime scene but just like our crime scene, the aftermath of suicide is a mess of blood as well as other fluids from a human that need cleaning and elimination. It’s hard to comprehend, however, the blood resulting from suicide has been causing more damage to the home and creates a hazardous atmosphere. The scene requires hazmat cleanup as soon as possible because the blood depends on the surface might be creating structural damage to the structure of the house. Take care to stop the damage and contact us to arrange suicide cleanup in Atlanta Georgia.

Blood spill Cleanup & Bloodstain Cleanup in Atlanta GA

If you’ve got blood result of an accident a death at your house in Atlanta We can wash it! Our crime scene cleaners have been trained in dangerous cleaning and can not only cleanse bloodstains but also eliminate smells and decontaminate the area to prevent infection. When you choose our hazmat company, you get top experts in the room with a background in handling biohazard cleaning of blood and hazardous death environmental hazards. We are experts in cleaning your home to ensure that you don’t have extra risks resulting from the blood of a medical accident or death which could be contaminated by Covid-19 HIV, or MRSA

Odor Removal Atlanta GA

We have the tools to ozonate the air and assist in the removal of extreme odors often that accompany a death scene.  The odor removal process must typically involve us doing the blood cleanup or trauma cleaning as well to ensure we know that all the blood has been removed.  Blood and human decomposing tissues can often be the main culprit causing extreme orders.  

Licensing & Certification 

GeorgiaCleanIt employs staff who are fully trained in hazmat and crime scene cleanup. We have crime scene as well as trauma cleaners licensed, insured, and certified. We operate in Atlanta Georgia, providing citizens with affordable solutions to crime scene cleaning or blood cleanup after an accident, or the death of a loved one. We work with a number of insurance firms as well as property management companies and residents. Contact us today to talk about cleaning your home.

GeorgiaCleanIT continued to meet or exceed the health and safety guidelines of the CDC and Fulton County Health Department as well as the Georgia Health Department. Safety and the safety of our employees is our top priority. Please let our supervisors know if you have any special requirements when meeting with our staff on your property in Atlanta, Georgia.

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